La calibración en línea de Seepil realiza pruebas de válvulas de seguridad in situ y operando bajo carga. El sistema tiene una estructura de montaje universal con adaptadores de vástago que se puede utilizar en todo tipo de válvulas de seguridad. The system, which is completely automated, provides a higher performance relating to set-
up, operational facility, result precision and electronic reports. The Online Calibration System, as proposed by Seepil, increases the possibility of higher solutions, once it uses the most advanced software in the industry, reducing the occurrence of human mistakes during all the process: from the automatic calibration of the measuring sensors up to the final result. All the tests data are stored permanently on our servers, allowing not only a more complete data management, but also the access and the printing of the data at any time.


  • Completely automatic calibration as well as the report of operation and the
    results. Significantly decreasing of human mistakes.
  • It considers tests on total load, which produces results and immediate benefits.
  • It eliminates the necessity of over pressurizing or diminishing the load and,
    also, the necessity of paralyzing the normal operation of the equipment or
    removing the valve.
  • It saves energy and reduces delays
  • It minimizes the erosion on the valve fittings
  • It quickly identifies problematic valves and diagnoses set pressures. Besides, it
    measures hydraulic loads, line pressures and calculate set pressures
  • It has extremely high precision, because the system calculates set pressure with
    a scope of only 0,5% of uncertainty
  • It is light and portable, prepared for easy movements and set-up in the place
  • It provides consistent tests repeatedly inside all the codes ASME

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